For Watch Enthusiasts | Commonly Asked Questions Answered

Are you thinking about buying one of the elegant watches you have seen in the magazine? Whether as a first time owner or as a collector, it is important for you to know that there is a wide range of choices available today. All you need is to make a wise choice depending on your budget, taste and preferences. You should also know that there are so many questions that people have about these kinds of watches but are still not answered. Read on to know some of these questions and their answers so that you too can make a wise decision when shopping for a watch:

Why do we see watch hands always at 2 and 10 in adverts?

If you have been very keen, you may have noticed that adverts for most watches always show the hands at 10:10. Meaning one hand is at the 2 position, while the other at the 10 position. There are reasons for this; the first reason is because this is perhaps the best position for a company to position its logo. The second reason could be as a way of emotional marketing as the watch appears to be smiling. The other reason is because this has been used as the industry marketing standard for a very long time now.

What could be the Guilloche of a watch?

In the context of watches, guilloche is a kind of decoration for the watch dials so as to give the dial some visual complexity and depth. This form of decoration is mostly applied to the silver dials through an engraving technique that is highlighted by intricate, precise and repetitive design. The patterns are engraved mechanically into the surface of the dial.

How does one know their watch is authentic?

It may be really tricky telling if a watch is a generic fake or not. Some fakes are fairly obvious, so if you see it at first glance, you can tell so easily. However, there are more sophisticated syndicates that make virtually identical reproductions such as the manufacturer’s logo, warranty cards and serial number boxes. It is imperative that you buy your time pieces from a reputable and trusted dealer which guarantees a timepiece it sells.

Are watches really waterproof?

You might have heard of waterproof watches before, but the truth is that there isn’t such a thing like a waterproof watch. Although watch makers frequently state that they manufacture water resistant time pieces, it is not so simple. There are a number of watches that are said to be water resistant to 100 meters. Yes, this is said about them, but you should note that they are only suitable for resisting the harshness of taking a shower or of rainfall or even shallow water swimming. And the ones said to be water resistant up to 300 meters simply feature important parts that eliminate the entry of water. These parts include sealed case, screw-down crowns and gaskets.

These are just some of the questions that are seldom answered and still linger in people’s minds. As a watch enthusiast, do you have a question burning in your mind that is unanswered yet? Let us know!

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